Customer Success Stories


CCH Case Study: How Does Matson and Isom Use ProSystemfx Knowledge Coach and CCH’s Full Audit Workflow to Deliver High Quality, Efficient Audits?

CCH Case Study: How Does Millhuff-Stang, CPA, Inc. Use ProSystemfx Knowledge Coach to Garner Excellent Peer and State Auditor Reviews?

CCH Case Study: How Does Buchbinder Tunick & Company LLP Optimize Their Audit Process?

CCH Case Study: DiCicco, Gulman & Company LLP Uses ProSystemfx Knowledge Coach to Significantly Improve Audit Efficiency

CCH Case Study: How Does F+W Media Use CCH Global Integrator to Streamline Their Tax Provision and Add Value to the Business?

CCH Case Study: Improving Audit Efficiency and Accuracy with ProSystemfx Knowledge Coach

CCH Case Study: How does Rodman & Rodman, P.C. Save ~2,500 Hours per Year Using CCH KnowledgeConnect?

CCH Case Study: How Does YKSM, Ltd. Improve Audit Workflow by 15% Through Using ProSystemfx Knowledge Coach?

CCH Case Study: How Does Krueger & Associates, P.A. Leverage CCH’s Full Suite to Drive Productivity and Quality?

CCH Case Study: How Does Murray Stok & Company Leverage CCH® KnowledgeConnect to Manage Firm Knowledge and Drive Efficiency?

CCH Case Study: How O’Sullivan Creel, LLP Used CCH® KnowledgeConnect to Help Clients Cope with the BP Oil Spill

Visionael Case Study: Nation’s Second Oldest College Safeguards Campus Network Through Visionael Security Audit Solution

Yahoo! Resumix Case Study: EDS Takes Advantage of Yahoo! Resumix Hiring Gateway’s Ease-of-Use to Drive Participation and Improve Recruiting Performance


Consumer Packaged Goods

Nielsen Case Study: Kimberly-Clark Leverages Nielsen’s Marketing Performance Practice to Identify Huggies Growth Opportunities

Nielsen Case Study: Unilever Leverages Nielsen Marketing Mix Analytics to Drive Strategy

Nielsen Case Study: Nielsen Helps Hormel Identify Core Consumers, Increase Market Penetration by Two Percent

Professional Services

TLM Partners Case Study: Huron Legal Builds Strong Business Development Pipeline and Boosts Revenue


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