The best way to get a sense of what it’s like to work with me is to talk with my clients. Let me know if you’d like to speak with any of them directly– I’ll gladly put you in touch.

Here’s what some of my clients have said about me and my work:

“If Mike Jurs is not on your core list of freelance writers/editors, he should be. I’ve hired Mike on several occasions to write press releases and ghostwrite bylined articles. He’s a quick study and can easily turn a mound of complicated data into a compelling news angle/press release. I know from experience that Mike works extremely well with the executive set, and is always prepared with great questions to pull out the story from the executives he interviews.

In addition to hiring Mike for writing projects I’ve also had the pleasure of working with him side-by-side so I know that he is creative, strategic and media-savy. Whether it’s for writing projects or to help develop a strategic PR plan or media pitch, Mike will not disappoint.”

Jennifer (Freeberg) Freighetto
Vice President, Global Communications

“Mike’s work greatly exceeded our expectations! We hired him to write a case study based on two projects we recently completed for one of our most valued clients. Mike very quickly grasped the nuances of our business and performed all the research for the study, including interviews with several senior executives in our client’s organization. Mike conducted the interviews with the utmost professionalism and was able to obtain poignant quotes from our clients that will serve as valuable testimonials for our business. He expertly crafted a compelling and cohesive case study and diligently pursued approval from our client with pleasant persistence. We are extremely pleased with all aspects of Mike’s execution of this project. He made the entire process painless and rewarding and we will not hesitate to hire him again the next time we are in need of a freelance writer.”

Tracy Whitlock
TLM Partners

“Mike is an excellent business partner! We have hired Mike to write several white papers and he has come through each time with flying colors. He writes very well, making abstract concepts understandable, and he works very well with the various players involved — managers, contributors, reviewers. He has a gracious manner, knows when to ask for help, and delivers what he says he will. In a recent situation, he and another writer were both working on white papers with the same very aggressive deadline. Because Mike was able to nail it with the first draft and stay on top of things, we were able to meet the deadline with the papers he wrote, but not the other two. No doubt we’ll continue to work with Mike!”

Lynette Ladysmith
Marketing Communications

“I highly recommend Mike for any of your writing or communications needs. Mike is an excellent writer and influencer. At Financial Engines we have the challenge of wanting to communicate our deep expertise, while not sounding unapproachable or arrogant. Mike did an outstanding job of writing key copy for me for a large project, and helped create a voice that was helpful, easy and expert at the same time–a hard line to walk and he did it wonderfully. As far as his communicating style, he is equally at ease with CEO’s and his peers, and has an excellent can-do attitude and track record of success.”

Diana Peterson
Director, Product Management

“You would be lucky to get to work with Mike. He is an exceptional writer who can take very complex ideas and distill them into clear and eloquent prose. I love reading his writing because he can make anything come alive. Mike is also an outstanding PR person. Journalists love working with him because they know that he will help them from start-to-finish on their stories. Mike is also a very strategic and creative thinker and can get to the heart of a problem and find solutions quickly. These skills were tested at Financial Engines when he was put in charge of launching the National 401(k) Evaluation– a research report that required the cooperation of a very large cross-functional team that didn’t always see eye-to-eye. Mike navigated the entire process very diplomatically and completed the project with a huge media launch.”

Asma Stewart
Founder and CEO

“While at Hewitt Associates, I was lucky to have the opportunity to work with Mike Jurs. He is an outstanding PR professional that is creative, an excellent writer, media savvy and works well with colleagues, reporters and internal clients. Mike always has great ideas and I really enjoyed working with and learning from him. Since Hewitt, I have also worked with him as a freelancer and I’d highly recommend him as he’s an excellent resource for your PR needs.”

Suzanne Zagata-Meraz
Corporate Communications
Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company

“Mike is a gem. I was lucky enough to have Mike as a member of my team and work closely with him on key corporate priorities. Mike’s advantage is that he is not just good at one thing – he is excellent at many. He is an extremely talented writer – but also skilled at project management, strategy development and relationship development. His outstanding work and professional demeanor earned the trust and respect of both key stakeholders at Financial Engines as well as journalists and industry influencers. I am confident that anyone lucky enough to work with Mike will be extremely pleased with the results.”

Kelly O’Donnell
EVP, Marketing
Financial Engines


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